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  1. Carrieann says:

    I think you hit a buylsele there fellas!

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  4. eh, mana datang buktinya ni??? saya baru je buat loan nak pakai kereta tu. tak syok la makan asap selalu kat rumah kalau pakai kereta biasa.

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  12. I love Jamie. Looking at Jamie's recipe…I may have to agree with you on the seasoning…My mom makes these as well.Thank you for sharing this! I may still go ahead and use this recipe as a base as well.Thank you

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  16. I want to talk to my youth leader but idk how to start the conversation. I want to tell her how confused I am about religion and how depressed I am because I know if Ill talk about it I’ll feel better and she’s the only person I can talk to because I’m not close with either of my parents and I dont want to tell my friends. What should I do? How do I start a conversation about it?

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  18. Love your big bikini – much more stylish than a skimpy number – and matching straw hats. And the wooden clothes horse is exciting! I need to get rid of our nasty metal one and go retro.

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  27. I’d like to try whole wheat flour in my pumpkin bars. I’ve been making changes to the recipe to make them healthier (cutting out oil and reducing the sugar). Whole wheat flour would be another great step! Now, how healthy do they need to be before I can rationalize eating pumpkin bars for dinner….?

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  63. Great observation. I’m a product of the Jesus movement from the early 70′s and found that most of the songs and worship were about Jesus, salvation and testimonial like “Jesus saved me”. Very few in that period of time were directed towards Him. Today we are addressing our worship towards Him, giving Him praise and adoration instead of simply speaking about Him and His ways.Thanks for reading Monique.

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  80. PS – How are you getting Mister Linky to work? I tried again this week and still can't put it on my Color Carnival meme! It's so much more time consuming without it!

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